New music, new name and music production

2013-04-18 19:14:17 by pabouchard

Hi guys!

This is Hopeku, I just changed my newgrounds username to PABOUCHARD (my name) for the simple reason I wanted to separate my psytrance project from my side projects on newgrounds.

I will be submitting a couple tracks in the following days, some old unreleased oldies and couple of more recent stuff so stay tuned! :D . Newgrounds is still my main webportal for all my sideprojects so here you are going to find pretty much all my music.

If you are interested about my psytrance project, please look for my facebook page ( or chek out on beatport to see my releases (

Follow me on newgrounds!

Chek out my latest tracks here on newgrounds


Also, I am very interested in making music for your projects, please email me something if you have any offers :)

New music, new name and music production


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2013-04-18 20:37:47

Haha esti de cave c'est juste moé

pabouchard responds:

Esti je croyais que c'était quelqun qui allais me donner un contrat de 10 000$ sur mon news post!


2013-06-20 11:24:21

Haha esti de cave c'est juste moé


2013-08-05 05:05:55


pabouchard responds: